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Prof. Dr. Mohammad Ali Bhatti is a world renowned contemporary painter, represented by many celebrated art galleries around the globe. Mr. Bhatti was born and raised in Pakistan, received his early art training in local art centers in his native city of Hyderabad and earned BFA at University of Sindh. He grew up with paint and a brush in his hands; art books, magazines, colorful papers were always around him. He has been exhibiting for the last 30 years, having over 30 national and international solo exhibitions and several group shows to his credit. He earned an MFA in painting and a PhD. in Interdisciplinary Arts from Ohio University. Beside his studio practice, Dr. Bhatti also enjoyed his carrier as an art professor at numerous art institutes such as in Pakistan, Malaysia and in the United States.

Dr. Bhatti started his early career as a portrait painter and received many remarkable official and private portrait commissions; later on he converted to abstract painter. In his abstract paintings, he appears to be more Expressionistic and conceptual. Compositions are energetic; elements move freely in an anonymous space molded with bold brush strokes. Visual complexity, aesthetic sensibility of design, form and content are the true essence of his paintings. Multiple layers, juxtaposition of exotic forms and visual interest heightened with chaotic and complex surface texture. He believes that vibrant colors, spontaneous brush strokes and floating forms have always been a visual challenge for him.

Dr. Bhatti uses mixed media on canvases such as acrylic, oil, spray paint, randomly torn pages from magazines/books, design patterns and calligraphic elements for creating rich textures. Painting for him has always been like composing a symphony, emphasizing vivid tonality, juxtaposition of simple and complex forms and texture. Dr.Bhatti lives in Houston Texas and is associated with Archway Gallery, Watercolor Society of Houston, Houston Art Alliance, Fresh art and numerous art meet up groups in Houston.

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Reviews About Mohammad Ali Bhatti

Mohammad Ali Bhatti

An exhibition of paintings by Mohammad Ali Bhatti held at the Chawkandi Gallery,
includes a series of artworks depicting a way of life in Sindh that is rapidly changing…

Marjorie Husain Daily Dawn, October 10,2005

Mohammad Ali Bhatti

"Refreshing" that is what you say when you see the paintings by Mohammad Ali….
His paintings are not just a display of paint.

By Dr. G.M. Mehkri Daily News, Karachi - 14.2.1981

Mohammad Ali Bhatti

"As I view it, (Portrait of Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai)Ali's imaginative reconstruction
of a portrait offers a momentous accent on a process of configuration.

By: H.R.Ghauri Review printed in Brochure - 1981

Mohammad Ali Bhatti

"Mohammad Ali painted various portraits of persons of historical significance
to the Southern Campus. His contributions have paved the way for the establishment of a portrait gallery.

Alan H. Geiger Ohio University- May 31, 1996

Mohammad Ali Bhatti

"Ali is a man of significant artistic ability. His growth as a professional painter
during the completion of MFA in painting at Edinboro University was impressive.

James M. McMurray Edinboro University, PA, 20.8.91

Mohammad Ali Bhatti

"Alternating between swift, long strokes and soft scribbles, Mohammad Ali quietly sketched
the face of the woman sitting before him. After ten minutes …..

The Ironton Tribune Ohio, Jan.8, 1995

Mohammad Ali Bhatti

"The crowd erupted into thunderous applause the moment
a life size portrait of former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad was unveiled. There were 'oohs' and 'aahs' as ….

The Star Malaysia August 6, 2004