Mohammad Ali Bhatti | محمد علی بھٹی

Meet the Artist

Mohammad Ali is an Artist and Art Professor, currently living in Pakistan. He graduated from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania with MFA in Painting and PhD in Interdisciplinary Arts from Ohio University Athens USA. In the beginning, his subject matter had its roots in figurative compositions, portraits and cultural subjects, and experimented joyously in style and medium. More recently he has been immersed in the mystery and emotions of non-objective painting. He enjoy spontaneity with energetic bold brush strokes and honest expressions. He likes vibrant colors and shapes and how they respond to each other and his reaction to various elements which move freely in anonymous space.  

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  • 2011 Paintings

    Agony & Anguish
    Mix Media

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  • Sindhi portraits

    Old Man -
    Oil on Canvas

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  • Martyr Bhutto's

    Shaheed BB -
    Oil on Canvas

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