Mohammad Ali Bhatti | محمد علی بھٹی

Meet the Artist

Mohammad Ali is a worldwide renowned portrait painter and has earned MFA in painting from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania; and PhD. in Fine Arts from Ohio University. Since last 30 years, he has been painting portraits of many distinguished personalities such as, senators, bankers, businessmen, executives, politicians, educationists and national heroes. Mr. Bhatti is an accomplished portrait artist and an art professor, currently living in Houston TX. He is teaching art and holding portrait demonstrations, seminars, workshops at national and international art galleries and art schools. (Read More)



  • 2011 Paintings

    Agony & Anguish
    Mix Media

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  • Sindhi portraits

    Old Man -
    Oil on Canvas

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  • Martyr Bhutto's

    Shaheed BB -
    Oil on Canvas

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video of mohammad ali bhatti
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