Mohammad Ali was born and raised in Pakistan. He received his early art training in local art centers in his native city of Hyderabad and started BFA at University of Sindh. He was inclined towards drawing and painting from early age, as his mother used to say that, “Mohammad Ali began scribbling on floor, paper anything with a piece of chalk or charcoal when he was a toddler”. He grew up with paint and a brush in his hands. Art books, magazines, colorful papers were always around him, and he remained active and diligent in teaching art, organizing art shows and workshops in his professional career. He joined the local art institution in his native country and subsequently earned his MFA in painting from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania and PhD in interdisciplinary arts from Ohio University Athens in 1998.
After graduation, he started teaching as a lecturer in University of Sindh, Pakistan in 1978 and retired as Professor and Director of the Institute of Art and Design Jamshoro in 2011. He also had the opportunity to teach art in Malaysia and the United States for some years on contract. During his teaching career, he continued spending his time in the studio and participated in painting exhibitions nationally and internationally, having more than 30 solo and several group shows to his credit. He started his early career as a portrait painter and received many remarkable portrait commissions. His natural freedom of expressions appears to be more mature and conceptual in the contemporary abstract expressionistic canvases. After retirement from his regular teaching profession, he continued painting in his studio and continues exploring creative painting with more freedom and experimentation.
In his paintings, compositions are dramatic; elements move freely in an anonymous space molded with energetic brush strokes. Visual complexity, aesthetic sensibility of design, form and content is the true essence of his paintings.


  • 1998    PhD in Interdisciplinary arts,    Ohio University, Athens
  • 1991    MFA (Painting Major)    Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
  • 1977    MA Fine Arts    University of Punjab, Pakistan
  • 1974    BA Fine Arts    University of Sindh, Pakistan

Selected Solo Shows:

  • 2017     Archway Art Gallery Houston
  • 2017     Harambee Art Gallery Houston
  • 2017     Lawndale Art Center Houston
  • 2016     Slender of colors, Ocean Gallery, Karachi
  • 2015     Nomad Art Gallery Islamabad
  • 2014     “Empty Souls” Momart Art Gallery, Karachi
  • 2013     “Spirited Hues” Mussawir Art Gallery Dubai
  • 2013     “Absurd Illusions” at Nomad Art Gallery Islamabad
  • 2012     “Silent Symphonies” at Collectors Galleria, Lahore
  • 2012     “Simple Improvisations” at Ocean Gallery, Karachi
  • 2010     “Sounds of Colors” at Revivers Galleria, Lahore
  • 2009     “Realistic Expressions” at Gallery 6, Islamabad
  • 2009     “Colors of the Indus” at Chowkandi Art Gallery, Karachi
  • 2008     French Consulate gallery, Karachi
  • 2008     “Impressions of Nepal “Sidharatha Art Gallery Nepal,”
  • 2007     University of Sindh, Old Campus, Hyderabad
  • 2007     Majmua Art Gallery Karachi
  • 2005     Dr. Suchart Art Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
  • 2004     Diwan Budaya, Pennang, Malaysia
  • 1996     International Art Gallery, Athens, Ohio, United States
  • 1993     Hamilton Art Gallery, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, United States
  • 1991     Love Land Art Gallery, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, United States
  • 1990     Erie Museum of Art, Erie Pennsylvania, United States
  • 1990     St. Louis Art Gallery, St. Louis, United States
  • 1987     Sindh Artists Guild, Hyderabad
  • 1983     “Unveiling of a creative portrait of Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai,” Institute of Sindhology, Jamshoro
  • 1983     Pakistan Council of the Arts, Karachi
  • 1982     American Centre, Hyderabad
  • 1981     Institute of Sindhology, Jamshoro
  • 1978     University of Punjab, Lahore

Many National and International Group Shows

  • I have painted official and private portrait commissions for numerous prominent personalities in Pakistan, India, Malaysia, United States of America, Singapore, Thailand and Middle East.


  • Member Archway Gallery, Houston
  • Member American Watercolor
  • Member American portrait Society
  • Member International Water Color Committee
  • President Artists Association of Pakistan
  • Member Watercolor society Houston
  • Artist at East Art Services at Singapore
  • SAARC countries Art Association